Tunisian citizens will have to spend more on Schengen visa fees, starting from June 11

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Communiqué de Presse - The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has announced that starting June 11, 2024, the fees for Schengen visa applications will increase for third-country nationals.

According to a statement from the Ministry, visa fees for adults applying for a short-term visa to Slovenia will increase from €80 to €90. For children aged six to twelve years old, the fee will rise from €40 to €45, reports SchengenNews


"The European Commission adopted a decision to increase short-stay Schengen visa (visa type C) fees worldwide by 12 percent. The increase will apply worldwide as of June 11, 2024. New Schengen visa fees will be €90 for adults and €45 for children aged 6 to below 12 years of age." - Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovenia

In 2023, 159,740 Tunisians applied for a Schengen visa, with 122,584 applications approved, resulting in an approval rate of approximately 76.74%

Tunisian citizens spent €12,779,200 on Schengen visa applications in 2023. With the new fee structure, if the same number of people apply, the total expenditure will rise to €14,376,600, marking an increase of €1,597,400

Additionally, nationals from countries that have not cooperated on the readmission of their nationals irregularly staying in the EU will face higher visa fees of either €135 or €180, depending on the Council’s decision.

This decision comes as the EU reports a 36.3 percent increase in the number of visas issued in 2023 compared to 2022. However, this figure is still down by 39 percent compared to 2019, when Schengen states received 16 million applications.

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