Tunisian Youth Gathers for Restoration and Peace in Town

Mercredi 28 Novembre 2018

Mercredi 28 Novembre 2018
Communiqué de Presse - Peace Mural Project, hosted by IPYG(International Peace Youth Group) and OUDH(University Organization of Human Development) and organized by Changers will be held at Rue du Miel on the 1st of December . According to the organizers, the peace event is aimed to console the citizens for the people in Tunisia suffering from the terror attack. Changers, one of the organizers, has done the Peace Mural Project on last April. It has been constantly delivering the message “Tunisian people don’t want wars but want peace” through art that the Tunisian youth worked together.

Mohamed Riadh Aissaoui, the IPYG international member and vice-president of OUDH, said, “I think we must put our footprint in our new local. The most compelling idea that comes within the scope of the renovation is painting the wall of peace. It is time to take action for our country." "This experience has made us mature. We are on the right path to success. We must work together and help each other to succeed in our mission,” he added.

IPYG, headquartered in South Korea, is working with 851 youth organizations in 110 countries to promote peace activities such as Peace Letter campaigns and Legislate Peace campaigns to urge the leaders of each country to call for peace.

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