Ooredoo First in the World to test 5G Speed Experience on Commercial Smartphones

Ooredoo First in the World to test 5G Speed Experience on Commercial Smartphones

Mercredi 13 Decembre 2017

Mercredi 13 Decembre 2017
Communiqué de Presse - Ooredoo’s Chief Executive Officer, Waleed Al Sayed, announced today that Ooredoo is the first telecommunications company in the world to provide a 5G Speed Experience using commercial smartphones and a live network.

Ooredoo has been heavily investing in testing and upgrading its Supernet network in 2017, to ensure that Qatar has access to the latest mobile internet speeds and technology. A large part of this investment has been working with world-class partners to develop and test 5G technologies leading up to standardisation and commercial availability in the future.

The tests, which were carried out in Ooredoo’s state-of-the-art OASIS lab and in controlled field environments, trialled Ooredoo’s 5G network speed and latency, and Ooredoo achieved incredible speeds exceeding 1Gbps.

Waleed Al Sayed, Ooredoo’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Ooredoo is investing heavily in its network to make sure that everyone in Qatar can enjoy the internet and its life enhancing benefits. There is no doubt that 5G services will have a huge impact on Qatar’s businesses and people, unlocking speeds for seamless browsing, next-generation business applications, and more. Stay tuned for more important announcements in time for Qatar National Day.”

Ooredoo is Qatar’s leading communications company and continues to enhance Qatar’s mobile, Wi-Fi, and nationwide Ooredoo Fibre networks on the Ooredoo Supernet.

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