The Foundation Extends Operations by Establishing its New Arm in Tunisia

Lundi 02 Avril 2012

Press release -
Press release - Since the beginning of the Tunisian revolution in February 2011, the Foundation for the Future has made relentless efforts to ensure the appropriate building of the capacity of civil society and be able to assume its significant role in making their countrys history trough the ongoing political transformation of democratic transition.The Foundation
The opening of a sub-office for the Foundation in Tunis is an important mechanism on the ground to ensure direct consultation and interaction with the respective counterparts with the purpose of coordinating activities and projects targeting women association, nascent associations, policy makers and the media.
Among the first activities on the Action Plan of the new Foundations team in the Tunis office will be the organization of a capacity building training workshop in April 2012 targeting at least 20 participants representing emergent civil societies in the country. While the special attention will be given to raising awareness among the Tunisian women and youth, the main objective behind holding this workshop is to enhance a civil society network advocating for civic participation, human rights, local democracy governance and women empowerment.
Other activities will be focusing on youth exchange and seminar on society participation will help implementing capacity of activists leadership in Tunisia in the field of advocacy and lobbying for women rights.
This would not have been possible without the support of the governments of Switzerland and Denmark and the confidence they have rendered to the Foundation for its commitment to enhance the role of civil society organization in Tunisia and Libya in support of the political change underway in these countries.
Meanwhile, preparations are underway for establishing an office in Libya to oversee the Foundations work and contacts in the country as well as the implementation of related activities. A team has been assigned from staff-members, currently in Tripoli, to take charge of all administrative requirements and develop the milestones and networks necessary for ensuring an effective initiation of the operations there. This comes as part of the efforts the Foundation is launching in its support to the Libyan revolution and the important role local civil society is assuming.

Foundation for the Future
The Foundation for the Future is an independent, multilateral, not-for-profit organization which aims to support civil society organizations efforts in promoting democracy and human rights in the BMENA region, while maintaining cultural characteristics of individual countries.
"The Foundation for the Future is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 2011"
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